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Re: Which Loopers to keep?

Paul Vnuk Jr wrote:

>By way of introduction my name is Paul Vnuk Jr, I am a musician who
>specializes in Symphonic-Tribal-Minimalism (which uses lots of live
>looping). I am also a professional sound designer (Sony/M-Audio). I have
>checked out this list for years now and know a few folks who frequent 
>I am thinning out my collection of loopers of which I have 5 and want to 
>rid of two.
>I have a 32 sec Jamman, 
It's old. Old things die sometimes.

>Boomerang +, 

Footprint is too big.

>Line 6 echopro, 
I use two DL4s, I like those.

>EH 16 sec (reissue) 
Looks like fun, but I already have the DL4s

>an Electrix Repeater.
Don't know 'bout that one.

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* microtonal guitar
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