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Re: Which Loopers to keep?

> I am thinning out my collection of loopers of which I have 5 and want to
> get rid of two.
> I have a 32 sec Jamman, Boomerang +, Line 6 echopro, EH 16 sec (reissue)
> and an Electrix Repeater. Of these which three would you keep? Which two
would you dump and why/why not?

If you're getting rid of two my choices would be dump the EH16 reissue and
either the Jamman or the Repeater.

Getting rid of the EH16 is a no brainer IMO. It's got that horrid count
in, a click track that is useless, and it forces you to conform to it's
beat not the other way around. If I hadn't spent so much on mine (still
MIB in box after a few trials banging my head on it and a friends) I'd
dump mine. I can't wait for these to become collectable so I can buy
something that I give a damn about. 

The 2nd choice is a bit tougher and depends on what you want to do. I'd
keep the boomerang because it's your only all-in-one floor unit. The Line
6 Echo is the most flexible delay of the lot. If you need to store loops
and need a lot fo time then I'd say keep the Electrix. If you want a dead
simple easy to use unit only then I'd say keep the Jamman. 

FWIW I used a DL4 (pedal) as my main live looper now. I got the new EH16
reissue with high hopes but it's been a big disapointment in the looping
world (although as a F*&%#ed up delay unit it is quite cool I admit).

Hope that helps

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