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RE: Robert Fripp's Radiophonics and A Blessing of Tears

I was involved in Guitar Craft and shared the task of organizing a show of 
RF's at Washington Square Church in NYC a few years back.  Sound is an 
important aspect for him but he is quite sensitive to and appreciative of 
the quality of attention that an audience gives.  He has expressed that 
the performer and the audience both contribute to the quality of the music 
and peformance.


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Yes i think the quality of the sound is the most
important live factor for what he is doing.I saw him
at the belly up tavern in solana beach,i just love the
place i never experienced a bad sounding concert
there( oh well, in fact i do it was Ginger Baker doing
a 20 minute drum solo and screaming at his soundman
for not getting a monitor sound)But Robertīs
soundscapes sounded incredible almost 3D,better than
on the CD.I guess it also had to do with the
vibe,candles lit up,a spiritual mood and everybody was
really quite and listened.

--- "Matthew F. McCabe" <mmccabe@finleysound.com>

    Has anyone seen Fripp play these soundscapes live?
What isthe crowd doing while he is playing? Reading
books, playing chess, doingcross-work puzzles, having
sex in the restroom stalls, etc? ;)I saw Fripp perform
in SF early '97.  Horrible venue for Soundscapes. 
Don'tremember the name of the "club", but it was
basically a bar.  I got the impressionthat half of the
people knew what to expect (Soundscapes) while the
otherhalf thought it was going to be a Fripp shred
fest.  The later half nearlyruined the show for those
of us who really came to *listen* to the music.


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