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Re: (To Synth or not to Synth)

Seems to me the choice of "To Synth or Not To Synth" needs to be broken 
two questions:

    1) Am I OK / comfortable with producing sounds from something that is
called a synthesizer?
    2) Do I like the sounds I can create with a synthesizer?

Some people have developed a vast array of original and compelling sounds
from "non-synth" set-ups.  It's a point of pride (and perhaps even
practicality) that there is no sythesizing unit creating the source signal.
Of course, the difference between using many layers of sound processing and
actual "synthesis" is a great question.

To others, the chance to create sounds that are absolutely impossible to
produce any other way is a great opening and is reason enough.

Anyway, I'm probably stating the obvious, but the two issues seem to get
mish-mashed together.