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The PiNG presents Nilan Perera and Friends

THE AMBiENT PiNG   http://www.theambientping.com
Tuesday Nights @ The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom  (Toronto)
1214 Queen St. West (At the corner of Gladstone/Dufferin St.)
Doors open at 9pm - 1st set at 9:30 - PayWhatYouCan
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This Tuesday November 30th - Nilan Perera and Friends

This night will be a series of short sets celebrating the release
of Nilan Perera's brand new CD "Harmless Love".

'kidnextdoor' - sound and text driven improvisations and
compositions by Chrisine Duncan and Susannah Hood (voices)
and Nilan Perera (voice, guitar, loops)
Gurpreet Singh Chana - tabla/percussion solo
Rob Clutton - acoustic bass solo
Nilan Perera - prepared guitar solo

and possibly a trio of the last three artists...

Between Sets CD - "Fluidities" by Jonathan Hughes (Foundry)
Between each set we'll be spinning various combinations of
pieces from this unique 2 CD set on the Ballroom's dual CD player.
"Fluidities" was created so that any piece on the CDs could be
played alone or with any other track from the album. The tracks
are by Hughes and 14 other artists like: Tetsu Inoue, Ian Boddy,
Saul Stokes, dreamSTATE, Interstitial, Dean Santomieri and
Michael Bentley... Available at ping things... Complete details at: 
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Coming Tuesday December 7th - Arms Full Of Sound

Paul Needler aka Arms Full Of Sound, performed at the first
PiNG at the Gladstone Hotel (in the Melody Bar) & will be the
last performer in our series there - as he presents his "Journey
To Ambienta - Part 2". Here's what's in store, in Paul's own words...

"Since September, we have all been enjoying our stay on the
Journey To Ambientia. It is now time to return from that strange place.
On December 7, Arms Full of Sound will help you find your way home.
By using the synthesizer cockpit now known as the Synthitone, you
will be returned safely while traveling a musical journey of improvised
ambient soundscape. Analog and digital synthesizers make up the
sound that will transport you into new dimensions in music. Strange,
pulsing visuals from the Xandon archives will truly show you what
music can be. Join Arms Full Of Sound for the return journey."
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rik maclean's *ping things* CD Reviews

"Dreamlife" is the fourth release by Sylken, a stunning collection
of emotional spaces and beautiful new vistas. Featuring the talents
of Sylken founder Eric Hopper & frequent collaborator Steven Sauve,
along with guest appearances by cheryl o, Gregory Kyryluk and
Wally Jericho, "Dreamlife" is a perfect travelogue for those lands
we visit between waking moments.

"Night Wings", a collaboration with Gregory Kyryluk of Alpha
Wave Movement, begins the disc with notes and melody drifting
out of the ether, taking flight, rising above the land and soaring
over beautiful new vistas. Simplicity is slowly replaced by a
greater complexity as tones shift and metamorphosise.
An inspired opening.

"First Light Falling" has an almost orchestral feeling to it,
an organic element that brings to mind a forest setting, a lush
wooded area slowly being revealed to the listener. Sounds
grow and swell, melodies flow like water. Beautiful

Track three "The Ocean of Dreams" features processed trumpet
from Wally Jericho, and is easily my favorite piece on the album.
Wally's trumpet work is always a magical thing and this track
is no exception.  Matched with glistening traces and sparse piano 
work "The Ocean of Dreams" is a stunning example of the best
that the ambient genre has to offer. An absolute gem.

"In Astral Flight" is full of stars, a journey through the heavens
on gossamer wings. And as with all things beautiful it's all too
short, a memory before you've had the chance to really
appreciate it's wonder. I like this one alot...

"The In Between" is a marvel of backwards development, moving
at odds with the progression of time. Metallic tones skirt about
the track, bells twinkle intermitantly, nations fall and rise in the
course of it's length and when it's over we're left alone once more.

cheryl o adds cello to "Sings the Heart", a piece that masterfully
blends the sound of the organic and the electronic. Mournful cello
leads into percolating synth lines and a looping progression that
beguiles the listener. Wonderful.

"Adrift in a Sea of Light" is an oblique marvel, a piece that
perfectly captures the sense of the tides, the drift of the sea.
A marvelous example of aural landscaping, locational sonics.

The disc closes with "Vistas", a suggestion that the beauty of
dreams can sometimes be found in day to day life just as easily
as within our sleep. A crystalline beauty of a song and a fitting
way to end the disc.

With the release of "Dreamlife" Sylken has once again proven
their mastery of the ambient and space music disciplines.
A truly wonderful release by some truly wonderful talents,
it's a disc that is destined for classic status in the genre.

rik maclean - rik@pingthings.com

http://www.pingthings.com = ambient + electronic + chill things

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THE AMBiENT PiNG presents live performances weekly by
Toronto's finest ambient, chillout and experimental music artists
plus performers from across the continent.
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