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Re: (To Synth or not to Synth)

Going back a few loops ago, I always enjoyed when you would see a  
particuliar instrument, but then said instrument makes very different  
sounds; such as using an E-Bow to get duduk-like sounds out of an  
electric guitar, or watching people get more koto-like sounds out of  
said instrument.  Found it was even more fun on my end to have just my  
head visible to the audience and the rest of my body and Roland GR-707  
hidden, so they think I'm playing a keyboard of some kind and after a  
bit, walk out with the guitar slung on my front and doing a pretty  
decent job of hiding the E-Bow under my hand and have a few of the  
people react with a touch of shock as it hits 'em that a guitar  
shouldn't sound like that!  Really got this from Miles Davis doing it  
so often in the 80's; switching instrument parts around.

As for going the whole pitch to signal bit, I found that lugging the  
equipment around was not always as cracked up as it used to be, when I  
was more active in my playing.  Guess I'm getting lazier in my older  
age.  LOL!   Does this mean that I'm gonna give up on my Yamaha G50 or  
Roland GR-30, ... of course not!

And now, back to fiddling with a Steinberger...


On Nov 29, 2004, at 7:31 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>1) Am I OK / comfortable with producing sounds from something that  
> is called a synthesizer?
> 2) Do I like the sounds I can create with a synthesizer?<<
> I'd have to add something to this along the lines of "is having a  
> familiar control surface (i.e. the fingerboard instead of a keyboard)  
> sufficient compensation for the rubbish response of a midi-tracking  
> system?"
> my own experience with a gr-something & a gi-10 both left something to  
> be desired in terms of what I was trying to perform. simple timing  
> latency one can get used to, but when the mistracking &  
> misinterpretation of one's nuances are also factored in, it becomes  
> very frustrating.
> (fwiw, I have "hex" pickups on a strat, a fender VI & a precision.  
> curiously, the VI behaves the best.)
> so, when I want to play a keyboard part, I use a keyboard.
> that's not to say I've given up. I'll be revisiting this issue today,  
> in fact- my peavey cyberbase just showed up.....
> d.
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