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Re: cool guitar synth intros

   In general I really dislike loud music,I don't play rock and never want 
to play at rock volume levels.from the late 70s to the earlyu 90s I played 
only acoustic music,and have only returned to electronics in the last 5 
But in a guitar player magazine article one of the sonics said they had 
specifically gotten this high volume  technique/effect idea from Glen 
Branca,and that you could only do it at very high volume levels.
I like your phrase spectral contours alot. and suspect that you're right 
that some people have to learn to hear such things.But I do think there' 
things that could only be gotten with extreme volume.I may never know for 
sure because I'mnever going to play at those levels. In Gamelan music 
are related effects ,much subtler ,but  Gamelan player end up with hearing 
damage too ,if they don't use ear protection. To really hear the 
shimmeryouhave to hit those keys.

I've only seen them do an acoustic set (?!?) but I still know what you 
So I guess it isn't just a high volume effect. I suspect that playing 
really loud makes it easier to forget some of the usual things we hear 
(notes and rhythms), and tune into spectral contours and timbres instead. 
But once you've done that, you can listen that way at lower levels too. 
of like how jumping off a cliff might make you forget your stiff neck for 
moment, but then after that you can feel pain all over.