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Re: AW: ORGANIC programming and looping

I am only inspired to make a fart sound. I can mask the sound but not the smell, if you don't hear it it doesn't exist and the smell comes floating out of the cosmos disembodied like a smelly phantasm.

Now what I eat most certainly govern all of my body odors from whatever cavity or pore. You are what you eat and does a fart happen if you careless walk away from taking responsibility for such course action even if you ate Mexican food? I think not because it is not associated with anyone in particular. Ass-ociated. Maybe if you burp.

Now if a plane crashes into your performance do you have a right to claim it as part of your composition even though pilot error was something that you governed not?

The generation of random acts are oxymoronic. How could they be? You placed yourself under the plane and the cosmos took care of the rest. Generating random acts? Um, huh?

I sit and mess with a serial process to sound random. I throw pocket change into a grand piano's strings. In the final analysis is anything in music random? The only piece that even comes close to random is Cage's 4'33" but the setting is contrived to hold the randomness of the cheap earthly cosmos of technology flying overhead and a cell phone and a cough.

Bach really had nothing to deal with. There were plenty of compositions to write in C left and Stockhausen had it easy because maybe he had a certain thing he was reacting to or against and a number system to adhere to as Bach had tonality.

We have a hard time. I mean this is all about being original right? Post modern quandary? My washing machine really sound very good now. I'm going to throw some pocket change into it after it drains.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar