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RE:OT the best cheap recording solution

At 1:48 PM +0000 2/9/05, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>  >> I'm intriged by the new Hi-MD format, which allows 1GB disc 
>capacity as well as linear PCM recording. There's even an 
>entry-level model in your price range, the MZ-NH600D at $200.<<
>I have the nh700. it's a bunch of crap, to coin a phrase.

Well, I guess I'm no longer intrigued!

Many of the problems you cite seem to be endemic to minidiscs (at 
least the Sony models). They have been designed primarily as playback 
machines, so live recording features are lame and the ability to dump 
from MD to computer is restricted. All the more reason to look at the 
Edirol recorders, though they are pricier (bad news for Rick, who 
probably wants to stay with the MD format anyway).

One thing that's interesting about the Edirol R-4 is that it can do 
four tracks simultaneously. Great for surround sound.  It's 
definitely a pro model though. Considering that I already have a 
PowerBook and a Mobile I/O I'm already covered, but the compactness 
factor is attractive.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202