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Re: Re: Aarset gear / Turkish sound

Hi all,

There are 2 versions of Nils Petter Molvaer's "Khmer" out there.
If you can find it I would highly recommend the 2-disc version -- the
extra disc of which has some interesting remixes of tracks from disc 1.
It's worth hunting down and acquiring. "Solid Either" is aso excellent.
I took both of these albums on the car trip south from Oregon to
the NAMM show in Anaheim and enjoyed them terrifically.

I am only guessing at how Aarset might be producing the"turkish guitar"
sound ont the web excerpts posted here. But from listening to the short c
lip I'd guess it's eBow on some frettless guitar (or even an electric oud
of some sort) -- along with some other processing.

I met up with a bass-playing buddy down at the NAMM show who has
taken a passionate interest in the oud (essentially a Turkish frettless
lute with 11 strings). He took me by one booth and showed me some
of the instruments this one importer was displaying. There was even
a solid-body electric oud.

I have no gift for such things, but my bass-playing firend picked up
several of the display pieces and could play very pleasant, exotic,
and nonetheless convincing stuff on them. He even went back and
bought one of the nicer ouds durring the latter part of the show.

Anywho, its very easy for me to imagine how the the electrified
timbre of one of those things would sound. I am given to understand
that our own David Torn (who hasn't posted here in over a year)
is into playing ouds and such too. I wonder if he's lurking out
there anywhere.

BTW, Robby Aceto posted just the other day. Hey Robbie!!! Get DT
on the line wouldja! I bet he could tell us loads about this stuff --
among many other things.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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