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RE: (perhaps a different angle on the thread.)

I sort of equate flame wars on user groups like this to the radio or
watching TV.  Folks complain that there is music or TV programs that
offend them or that they don't like. But of course, if you don't like
what you hear or see, there is this thing...I think it is called a
"dial" which alleviates the annoyance and mental pain....that being the
delete key on the computer....all in all it take about 1 second for me
to recognize the offending email or thread and delete it.  

The only issue I can see that this thread is being captured on the LP
archive site. That's a lot of irrelevant bullshit to capture for the
entire freakin' world to see on the World Wide Web. Based on some of the
responses I've seen, and jabs back and forth, I'd personally be a bit
embarrassed that my thoughts were captured on an archive.  I've been
there, and I've always regretted having my asinine banter posted on the
web for eternity, especially if I was directly or indirectly insulting
another human being. 

Big brother is watching you... :)  Heh heh... Hopefully you haven't read
this far, and you've delete the message.


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todd reynolds wrote:

>3.  a few of our heartiest contributors and committed musicians have 
>left the list because there is so much less music discussion than there

>is flame or gear-speak.
Is it a gear oriented list. That's no reason to leave it.

I do have a problem with this little flame war, but I
don't think I'll be leaving the list anytime soon.

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