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midi er.. mute? anyone? buhler? anyone?

I've found the folks at MIDI Solutions (http://www.midisolutions.com) to 
be very helpful.  I emailed them (info@midisolutions.com 
<mailto:info@midisolutions.com>) and asked for help solving a similar 
problem.  They spec'd out a hold function for me.  I think it ultimately 
involved two of their boxes - one to accept a momentary footswitch, and 
the other to suspend note off messages until the pedal was released.  I 
ended up buying a new synth so I never put that solution together, but 
have bought several tools since for the new rig, including a merge box 
and the new Event Processor Plus - haven't incorporate that one yet.  
You might try and work the merge box into your rig - for me it allowed 
me to combine CC messages with note info going into a sound module - 

I'm guessing that there is a simpler way - based on your the 'gear page' 
at your website, but sometimes getting your head around a new routing is 
just too much effort - believe me, I feel your pain...

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY