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Re: Andre LaFosse loop radio

This is very interesting listening -- once you've downloaded the show...
Which is a 75+MB event.

I wish I were on the west coast to see and learn from him.  I think he's
using SUS on his EDP such that record and overdub are enabled only as long
as he presses buttons instead as a "latched on / "latched off."   I'm
probably saying this all wrong.

What's clear is Andre's a very good and creative guitarist foremost, with
unique and powerful looping chops.


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Subject: Andre LaFosse loop radio

> For those of you who never heard of Andre Lafosse,
> to hear him play and talk go to,
> http://www.venetowest.com/radio/
> Andre demonstrates in no uncertain terms that "building up layers" isn't
> only way to make live music with a looping device.
> for those who do know his playing, this has some very good performances,
> and an interesting interview.
> To my ears, Andre has now integrated a lot of the different elements from
> his work,
> a free flowing sound which has elements of the "dance beat" type stuff
> his "Normalized" cd.
> Andre appears in the second hour of the program.
> Thanks to Ronan for making this possible.
> andy butler