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Re: Effects drop out (was RE: Digitech GNX4)

You can indeed switch amp models within a patch.  either using the 
green/red amp footswitch or, I believe, using the control footswitch. 
I've never noticed much of a gap when changing amp models within a patch.

Jim Palmer wrote:
>> ...still an issue with the GNX4?
> sadly the gnx-4 also does this.
> there are two distinctly different artifacts, which people often seem to 
> confuse,
> that result from patch switching in guitar processors.  brians question, 
> which started this thread, has to do with modeling processors, which use 
> microprossers to model amplifiers,preamps,etc.  on all the modeling 
> processors i've used (pod, gnx-3, gnx-4) there is a gap during patch 
> changes while the amp model is reconfigured.  no sound is output during 
> this gap, and the sound is gated hard on both ends, which is quite 
> disconcerting.  the gnx-3 has a gap of ~100ms.  a dual processor 
> approach could fix this, but i don't know of any devices that do. 
> stompbox mode in the gnx series allows you to turn single effects on and 
> off.  this works quite well, but obviously you can't switch amp models 
> with it.  you can switch amp models by morphing, but it's not as simple 
> or convenient as changing patches.
> the sansamp units switch instantly, but i think they belong to a 
> different category.  most programmable tube preamps without built-in 
> effects switch seamlessly.
> the other artifact is the stopping of time-based effects (reverb, delay, 
> resonant filters, etc) while switching effects algorithms.  there is no 
> gap, just an audible stopping of the natural decay of the previous 
> effects.  this can be fixed by clever programming or dual processors.  
> the digitech 2101se does this quite well.  note that the preamp path of 
> this unit is analog, so there is no gap between patches, even when using 
> more than one processor per patch for effects.

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