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RE: Unidentified subject!

hi mate

welcome to the list

the cheapest ๓tion for this type of set up could well be the zoom 2100, 
going totally for dirt at the moment (under 30 pounds )and it has an 
acssesible record- retrigger sampler that i think has the time you need. 
also has another mode when you can split the pedal up into three six 
samplers which you can record and trigger individually.

or as the blurb says

here are a few features of the zoom 2100

user 30/preset 30 programs

total of 33 effects with upto 7 used at once

13 types of distortion effect

32 sec sampling function for phase training

jam play quick sampler with 5 sec X3 banks

the seperate pedal gives wha type functions

the unit is great for the money and is one of the few in its era and class 
that you can bypass each patch when your not using it and also opt out of 
scrolling through zooms nasty presets.

if you want more info just contact me.

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)Free Downloads at


>From: "nato sp" <natosp@hotmail.com>
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>Subject: Unidentified subject!
>Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:27:06 -0500
>Hello all, I just subscribed to the list a moment ago to ask a question. 
>I'd appreciate any answer(s) that I can get.
>I'm interested in a very simple and, if possible, inexpensive looping 
>pedal. I play guitar and sing in a band. Many times, my guitar parts are 
>complex and require all of my concentration. Therefore I can't play them 
>while I sing. Because of this, I'd like to have a pedal that can loop a 
>riff of 10 seconds or less while I am playing live. I don't need or want 
>any other functions, I don't need to be able to overlay loops upon one 
>Do my needs conjure up ideas about particular pedals? I've been doing my 
>best to read up on all the different options, from delays to loopers to 
>samplers etc. but am having trouble finding the right thing. Please help!

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