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RE: Mobius Beta 7 Available

Delay Interface: Can be simulated by doing a record and then using overdubs
with feedback reduced from 127 I did this the other day (should have posted
that one)

Mobius accomplishes most of what I wanted so, I am just an over 
Mobius user :)
Perhaps I should have stated that it emulates enough of what I want from an
EDP (Glitchy rhythmic loops) :)

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a k butler wrote:
 > There's lot's of EDP stuff that Mobius doesn't touch (e.g. Interface  >

True.  Aside from random bugs, the following are the more obvious EDP
features that are not currently supported by Mobius.

   External synchronization in general
   Most long presses
   Loop Windowing
   Short Undo
   MIDI Smart Buttons, also known as "Double Clicks"
   Velocity triggering
   Loop/Delay (InterfaceMode)

 >, and some that it never will because the way the memory is used  > is
fundamentally different (Loop Windowing).

Actually, I had said this in some of my very early messages, but since then
I've changed the memory architecture and a side effect is that loop
windowing is now rather trivial.  I postponed this to add VST support, but
you will eventually be able to move the window forward and backward, and
"nudge" the edges forward and backward using the pitch bend wheel to give
you more control over the size and content of the window.

 > ...and no "Reverse Sniplets"

I'm intrigued, what is this? :-)

 > hoping that you will continue to expand the feature set  > way beyond EDP
in many ways.

Thanks.  The feature that seems to be generating the most interest right 
is scripts.  In a simple example, you can use them like "macros" to perform
functions using a set of parameter values that may be different from the
current preset.  In more complex examples you can use them to "sequence" a
set of functions to happen at specific times, either absolute or relative 
the length of the loop.  Scripts really became necessary when people 
trying to control multiple looper tracks, for example retriggering tracks 1
& 2, muting track 3, and starting a record in track 4.

But I could drone on about this forever :-) If anyone is interested in more
detail there is a Yahoo group at groups.yahoo.com/group/zonemobius.