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Re: Adrian Belew - EP & unfinished songs

Back in 83 I worked for Laurie Anderson during the
audio preproduction of Home of The Brave and I was one
of the recipients of that treatment.  I think I was
wearing a "Hard Day's Night" tee shirt and he came
right up to me (he was the guitarist on the project)
and started chatting about The Beatles.  Great man.


--- Ronan Chris Murphy <looper@venetowest.com> wrote:
> On Mar 24, 2005, at 1:56 PM,
> <stanitarium@earthlink.net> wrote:
> >  about Belew's disposition: he is usually very
> pleasant according to 
> > all accounts and mine, EXCEPT this little story
> told to me while i was 
> > on tour w/ MERMEN-someone was videotaping a live
> Belew solo/loop 
> > show(which i have a video of!) and the camera guy
> got behind Adrian @ 
> > soundcheck and he stopped playing, went over to
> the guy producing and 
> > screamed about "NO SHOTS OF MY BALD SPOT"!! and i
> guess it went on for 
> > awhile-so i guess we all have our limits :-)
> That's a pretty funny story (the subtle onset of my
> bald spot wigs me 
> out a little), but having spent a lot of time with
> adrian, on the road 
> and in the studio, I have actually never seen him be
> nasty to any one. 
> Another funny thing about Belew is that as far as I
> have witnessed he 
> treats every one the same: from a celebrity to some
> unknown kid that is 
> a fan. He is just cool to everyone and always happy
> to share stories 
> with fans and such.
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