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RE: Re: Mobius Beta 7 Available

I couldn't find "The Hidden UnroundedMultiplyReverse Function" in the EDP

but in the LoopIVGuide:

The paragraph reads:
The Hidden UnroundedMultiplyReverse Function
In LoopIII the limitation with Multiply cross functions that forced us to 
them Unrounded resulted in one function
that some users liked. If Mutliply was going and overdubs were being made
over the top, ending with a single button
press of Reverse immediately changed the length of the loop to that point
and instantly put the resulting
UnroundedMultiply into reverse. This was an interesting use, but after we
made the improvements that allowed us to do
Multiply cross functions Rounded it was only possible by doing two button
presses. (With two button presses, you do it
like this: end Multiply with Reverse, then press Record during the Rounding
period to set the new loop length and
immediately have it in reverse.)
So for the user who lost this favorite function, we found a way to give it
back to him. It is a little bit obscure in
operation, so bear with us. Set MoreLoops to some number greater than 1. 
SwitchQuantize on to Confirm. (any
quantizing value works, but it is easiest with Confirm.) Record your basic
loop in Loop 1. Press NextLoop. You will
go into the "Confirming" state, where it waits for another function press
before it goes into the next loop. Press
Multiply down and hold it down. This will immediately put you into the next
loop, copying the audio from the first
loop. Overdub as much as you want over multiples of your first loop. When
you are ready, release Multiply. The loop
in Loop 2 will immediately stop copying, reset the loop length to that
point, and go into Reverse! So there is the old
UnroundedMultiplyReverse function, now properly called
When InsertMode is equal to SUS, this function is disabled in favor of the
usual UnroundedMultiply SUS function.

So after all, it's worth reading the LoopIV guide alongside the EDP manual.
I always thought the LoopIV guide was fully integrated into the most recent
EDP manual...


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> >>Talk to Jeff about what is missing not me I am just an
> enthusiastic user. I
> >>will agree with one thing for sure if you don't have an FCB1010
> and an ASIO
> >>capable card (PCI) you won't get as much out of this program.
> hi Tony,
> Quite right, and luckily he saw anyway.
> The EDP has a lot of features designed to allow the manipulation of loops
> well beyond the the "loop/overdub/feedback" norm.
> Mobius incorporates some of those, particularly the more commonly used
> ones, it also has new features not found in the EDP. I don't see it as
> having stuff missing, rather that it's a different beast altogether which
> incorporates a lot of EDP ideas.
> I'm partly responsible for some of the EDP Interface Modes, so probably I
> overestimate their importance ( there's plenty of stuff in there no-one
> exploited yet).
> hi Jeff
> Your take on Loop Windowing sounds very promising.
> "Reverse Snipplets" was an effect that was easy in loop3.
> Ending a Multiply with Reverse would cause the loop length to be
> cut where
> the Reverse was pressed( UnRounded Multiply) so I could play a
> short phrase
> over a loop, and then have it Reversed and Repeated , with a
> small section
> of loop as backing. By using Nextloop to create the "Snipplet" it was
> possible to leave the original loop intact and return to it.
> In Loop4 the Multiply function was improved so that alternate
> endings would
> still give a RoundMultiply, and Reverse Snipplets required a second press
> of Reverse to make them happen
> (not so easy to get good timing on what is anyway a difficult
> technique to
> pull off)
> Against his better judgement, I eventually persuaded Matthias to put
> "Reverse Snipplets" into Loop4.
> "The Hidden UnroundedMultiply Reverse Function" (in the manual)
> was the result.
> As far as I know, only Andre LaFosse ever found the function.
>    "Snipplets" is a word in a language called Switznglish, the meaning is
> self evident.
> andybutler