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Re: basic loop equipment

Chuck Scholtz wrote:
> Speaking of Tascam, does anyone have hands-on experience with their other
> lines of guitar trainers?  I think like this one best (see link) because 
> offers bass-boost capability.  There are four models in all but the 
> seem to be quite close.  The one that removes vocals is priced at $99, 
> the other three are all listed at $149 USD.

I have the GT1 "guitar" trainer.  It's basically just a CD player with
an A-B loop option and pitch control.  Press the loop button when you want
to start the loop, press it again to end and start looping, press again to
resume normal playback.  I'm not sure how they do looping, but most do it 
by moving the laser, not with memory buffering.  I get a noticeable
click at the front of the loop so they're obviously not doing anything 
with zero-crossings or cross fades.  I've got 10 year old CD players that
do looping better.

The pitch shifting is pretty good to my ear, no weird artifacts, but it
only goes down.