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Re: Musolomo within Live [was: Live 4 (1st loop)]

At 03:33 AM 3/29/2005, Per Boysen wrote:

>Musolomo for OS X is said to be able to overdub loops as well as time 
>stretch the length, but I have not been able to get it working for me. It 
>seems you need to send a midi note to trigger the loop (like in pHATmatic 
>PRO) and I have not taken the time to set up an environment for that in 
>Live (but I guess it would be possible to do).


Musolomo's actually got some really cool things happening.  I've been 
playing around with it the past couple of weeks, and I think that you'd 
probably dig a few of the functions it implements.  I wouldn't think of it 
as a replacement for Augustus Loop, by any means, but I think it augments 
AL in the same way that the EDP and Repeater can augment each other.

Anyway, when I first started playing around with Musolomo, I was doing 
things quick-&-dirty by using the computer (ASCII) keyboard within Live to 
trigger the keys (out of the box Musolomo works by holding down one key to 
start recording, then pressing another key to tell it which note you want 
the sample mapped to).  However, I discovered that the octaves seem to be 
off on the computer keyboard within Live.  While Musolomo normally has the 
'Record' function mapped to key C3 by default, Live's computer keyboard 
mapping actually puts it on C2, I believe.

Just one potential gotcha, so I thought I'd get it out there...

Also, all of Musolomo's functions can be remapped to different MIDI 
notes/events (up to two MIDI mappings for each function, according to the 
docs).  Haven't played with this yet, but that should make things easier 
after initial setup.


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