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those cool little alesis mod fx boxes

HEY!! Ive been looking for the ModFX Bitrman for AGES and AGES!!!!!! BUT guess what? Musicians friend willl not ship them out side of the US (due to manufacturer restrictions.. whatever THAT means!!) Is there some kind, and special list member (pref with a paypal account) who could buy one for me ( i would of course transfer cash to you first) and then send it on to me.. please please please!!!!
answer off list maybe?
>...are on sale through Musicians Friend ($40 and $50 bucks per unit) and I just ordered the Bitrman, Metavox and Philtre. These are certainly going into my looping rig!
  >  Question #1A: Who's got 'em, and any tips on using them (beyond their obvious applications, and the usual "run your drum machine through the distortion" stuff)?
    >Question #1B: Have any of you fine folks experienced any wackola problems with these colorful little skroinkers?
    >Q #2: Musicians Friend no longer carries the rack mount for these units. Is there an alternate piece of hardware available, or do ya think I could cobble something together from sheet >metal and/or L-brackets on my own? (I'm good with tools, and never run with scissors.)
mark francombe
mobile +47 98296008

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