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RE: Re: John Abercrombie

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You have cassettes? In that case, this song's for you Ted... :)
heh heh....crank it up man!!!!

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I also have Gateway "Homecoming" -- which is pretty, but pretty
laid back too. I guess I really do like that '70s fusion feel. I suppose
I'm showing my age. I do listen to the old Mahavishnu recordings an
awful lot. Heheheh.

The drummer I most frequently collaborate with, Bob Sterling, studied
with DeJohnette in NYC when he was a youngster. Not that he's a
"clone" at all, it just that he is listening and changing and fluid every
little bit of the time like DeJohnette is.

The other Abercrombie disks I have are the self-titled "John Abercrombie
/Marc Johnson/Peter Erskin" CD and the more recent "Cat 'n' Mouse"
with the fabulous Joey Baron on drums, Marc Johnson again on double-bass,
and Mark Feldman on violin (which I like a lot).

I've some dandy Abercrombie albums on factory cassettes too but I hardly
ever listen to them anymore 'cause I don't have a cassette player in the
car any more (and haven't had one in the house fer years). Time marches on.

Best regards,

tEd ® kiLLiAn

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