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RE: RE: Controlling EDPs with MIDI/Behringer

>> hi Kris

>  So, it has something to do with MIDI and how that
>one secondary unit is set. I also switched the primary and secondary 
>EDPs around, that unit still behaves badly...so it seems that it is 
>something about that one unit, regardless of whether it is primary or 
>secondary. If it is primary and my MIDI controller is going into it 
>first, then not even the secondary (properly working) unit plays the 
>loop back. It's like the loop playback function is not passing from the
>primary unit to the secondary unit.   Strange.

>> So it would be informative to try just the "defective" edp with the 
controller and see what happens.

Good point.  Just tried, and it still occurs. I press record, record a
loop, press record again....the loop plays back for one cycle and stops.
But the switches and timing LEDs continue to blink at the beginning of
silent loop.  Hmmmm.....

>> ..from what you say, you imply  that the "bad" unit reacts to both
presses of record, and is looping 
silence of the correct length...but I only guess that because you say
the feedback LED is the main symptom.

Yes, it behaves as I describe above, but the only difference is that the
feedback LED does not blink.

>> If this isn't the case, then the answer is to set Controlsource= not.

Already set to Not on both units.

>> I'd try powering up while holding the param button, for a factory
reset. (but just check all the current params first for match with the
good unit)

I'll wait until you synthesize my new info, using just one unit.



>I was hoping Kim would chime in here and save the day....for those of 
>your out using stereo EDPs and controlling them via MIDI, are both of 
>your units set the same?

for stereo they have to be exactly the same