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Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

Title: Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?
Hi Giorgio,

Yes the Boss VF-1 which is at the end of it’s production run. I bought my last one just about a year ago for GBP 189 (about 300 Euro) from Turnkey  <http://www.turnkey.co.uk> There may be other pan Euopean sellers such as Thomann in Germany. If there are any still around you’d get a bargain now.

Yes Roland Boss can sound characterless with all the risk and rough edges removed. The operating systems seem to have certain decisions taken for you, like having a Nanny in the box!

The VF-1 were an agreeable surprise. I have found the the little VF-1s useful toolboxes and an affordable successor to the old SE70 that everyone was asking such silly money for a while back. Perhaps I’ll get an Eventide one day.

Strong points are: that you can control four parameters per patch over midi, sync to midi clock and program everything in a lot of detail so these things sound very personal. These sound like me me me !

I’m not using it for the amp simulations that much – I’ve got good channel strips for that. You’d need to canvas opinion from other users on the list if this was important.

Anyway best of luck in your search.



Hi Jeremy,
do you mean the Boss VF-1 ?
I thank you but first  of all I think this is out-of-production ... so why not the beloved GP-100.
Obviously I'm askiing for something in production that I cun found in Italy.
second point, I decided to not buy no mroe nothing from Boss - Roland because an ideological personal point: they apply a awful marketing policy with price very high and .. in my opinion ... device without personality :)
sorry, I don't wnat to dispute to you ... but I hate the fact that Boss make so terrible devices (In application sw for umiscians I mean), also with the having the COSM technology that I think is good ....
marketing startegy ...
all for the massess
stomb-box for rockers :)
thank you

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VF-1 has a 20 tap delay setting. Each delay with  it’s own delay and pan setting. I’m not sure if the manual is available on  line. Do loads of other stuff too - very reasonable price if you can still  get them.


Hi all, Im'looking for Multi-tap delay  devices

1. possibly software solution
I would prefere a software  program for PC Windows, because for cost saving
(my budget is  low).

I'm looking for something for create complex MultiTap delays  in real-time
possibly as *standalone* program;
I hate VST plug-ins  because thet require a VST host that I do not have/know.

In case  your proposal is just a plug-in, please suggest me a  freeware VST  
host tool,
but plese do not trasform this thread in a VST  discussion.
I don't love to talk about VST; I like standalone  programs.

2. hardware solution
Someone may suggest any hardware  device for mutitap ?
please do not suggest me usual tools used for  looping;
I do not believe tha t they are suitable for complex delay  fractalization I
have in mind.

many thanks / giorgio