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RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

No doubt but even though this english cats didnt give
their mentors credit all of the sudden the "devils
music" ironically became discovered in america and
better accepted.

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:
>   Page ripped off Beck? C'mon,all the English guitar
> heros got most of their 
> ideas from black bluesman from the US. Clapton
> usually sounded like Freddie 
> King but he played an Albert King thing pretty much
> note for note on Strange 
> Brew. Then covered Born under abad sign so Albert
> could get some royalties. 
> nd started hireing Freddy to  open ,to try and pay
> him back.Page sounds like 
> he heard alot of Earl Hooker.  Zep never really gave
> credit for lyrics and 
> riffs from blues tunes,and they didn't really hire
> people to open to try and 
> expose them to audience like other groups did.I
>   The english guys  could play and did creative
> thing sand brought modern 
> production values to the blues, but in guitar hero
> days, guys like Luther 
> Allison ,Magic Sam and Buddy Guy could out play all
> the English cats 
> ,including Beck  who for my money  wasn't much of a
> blues player though he 
> was good at rave ups,-didn't get interesting until
> fusion. I like Peter  
> Green  the best of th english blues players,but take
> wy the BB King 
> licks,and you still have real feeling ,genuine
> soul,but not too much musical 
> vocabulary.


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