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Re: The Live Looping Community: myth or reality

Then there must be some disagreement over what the hypothetical live
looping community has in common, because it's got to be more than "A
bunch of people who use a looping device to make music".  Essentially
everyone on this list fits that criteria, but the idea of "community"
isn't universally accepted.

On 5/6/05, samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:
>   A community is a group of organisms that coalesce around something they
> have in common.It could be a nutrient stream,a water hole,a protectable
> place to raise young,a village adjacent to feilds to graze the 
> was called the commons,etc. Modern humans in industrialized countries 
> communities around commmon interetsts,rather than survival needs-though
> maybe socialization is a survival need.