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Beatles pagierism #9

   Of course the Beatles did do looping, ( number 9 number 9)and to bring 
this one around-how much of a sample ,how many notes ,or how recognizable 
does it have to be for the law to say you owe royalties.I know the Beastie 
boys were sued by Jazz flutist James Newton for building a whole piece 
around 3 notes of his.I thought the 3 notes were a recognizable theme and 
that they should have just paid the 3 cents per play or whatever it would 
have been. I wouldn't hav ethough it mattered so much if they weren't 
money,and I think the whole Plunderphonics/negativeland thing has a valid 
point.At some level the only intellectual property is that which you keep 
yr own head. Once you let it out ,it's in the air promicuousey mixing with 
other ideas,and multiplying shamelessly.But I want to make money from my 
work too.