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Re: The Live Looping Community: myth or reality

Ah, the "community" debate rises again :)

Mark, your post made me think two things that I thought I would share 
with the group:

1) if we could somehow map LD topics to tones, we would most definitely 
have a recognizable loop.  This from the perspective of someone who's 
only been a member about 4 years.  I'm sure some of the real old timers 
could confirm or deny my theory, but I certainly see it.  I don't 
consider this a good or bad thing, it's simply an observation.  It has 
good connotations, and bad ones.  One of the bad ones is that it can 
make you indifferent toward the list, as a community, over time.  At 
least, if you're not proactive and make it a low priority, like I have.

2) you mentioned a leader causing there to be accountability.  I've 
learned that accountability is really only caused by having a group of 
people who will accept their own responsibilities, naturally and without 
instruction.  If you truly feel accountable to this list, you'll hold 
yourself accountable to keep it healthy.  I should admit freely and 
openly - I have lost that sense of responsibility and am a selfish 
lurker or a rapscallion most of the time now.  Shame on me.


mark sottilaro wrote:

>Don't feel sad or sorry for me.  I am part of a
>community of really good people I've met out here in
>the SF Bay area.  I just think that a community that's
>web based isn't the same because you have this degree
>of anonymity that you don't get when you're physically
>with people in your community.  I remember being at a
>festival in Ithaca, NY and a small child asked my
>girlfriend and I for help building stilts (part of a
>plan for a man to cause mass injuries by giving wood
>and hammers to small children so they can try to walk
>on home made stilts).  The little girl's mother saw
>this and came over and nervously apologized but then I
>saw she recognized me.  I was the sock store manager. 
>I walked around Ithaca all the time. I was the guy in
>that weird band.  I was the guy who had coffee all the
>time with my friends at the local cafes.  She ended up
>asking if we wouldn't mind watching her 4 year old for
>a bit while she took her 2 year old to the petting
>zoo.  We did and it was a blast.  I was pretty good on
>the stilts too.
>The point is that I was a part of a community where I
>couldn't yell "FIRE" in a theater and not suffer.  On
>the Internet, you can do that and people do all the
>time.  It's fine, it's just not the same.  Again a
>strong leader/moderator would help, IMO, but that
>person hasn't posted in a long time either and has
>expressed that he by all means dose not want to be
>that or have that at all on this list.
>So a community where no one is accountable for
>anything... just doesn't feel like a community to me. 
>Just a bunch of people talking about roughly the same