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Re: Tim kisses the kilowatts Re: Community

--- Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Herr Nelson: You were at my show?

Yup, we were situated roughly midway between
(listmember) Dr. T. and (listmembers) Frank and
Cheryl... I even wore my LD t-shirt! :)

> And... hee hee... you saw me complete the path to
> ground through the microphone, testing my own
> earlier thread? (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttt!!!)

I noticed the first shock, the one that left yer lip
a'quiver. EVERYONE in the room noticed the second one,
the one that caused you to holler "#%$@!" and do that
funny little dance as you soiled yourself*.

> You shoulda come up and said "hi"! I'm very
> approachable, even when reeling from electrical

Now that I've blown my cover, I'll have to next time!
> And I'm glad you liked "Astronomy," but I can't take
> credit for it. That's a Syd Barrett tune from the
>first 'Floyd LP. 

Yeah, I know. I've covered it myself, along with
'Interstellar Overdrive', 'Lucifer Sam', 'No Man's
Land', etc etc. I was making a subtle reference to
this week's plagiarism (PAGEarism?) thread.

> I adore old psych.

Really? I never would have guessed! ;)


* no, he did not really soil himself. But the rest of
it is true.

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