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stano sez it best!

In a message dated 5/6/05 4:22:31 PM, stanitarium@earthlink.net writes:

and all the great posts and quotes and info...
whats not to love?

am i crazy to be happy reading my LD posts?.....perhaps it's not a TRUE COMMUNITY but i feel i have made wonderful friends here, from all over.....i could at this very moment be teleported to SAN FRAN and feel totaly at home with stano and matt davignon and rick and bill and all my west coast homies.....and ted and hans and mr. hartung who i got to spend a day with listening to many "LOOPERS" doing what i love!.....my hats off to mr kim.....thank you!.....don't let semantics come between you and REALITY (?).....it's about more than the music!.....i never met a looper i didn't like!.....i am crazy psyched about going to mr. wagner's zurick gig and hopefully meeting many of the EUROLOOPKINDERN.....HOLY SHIT!.....what fun!.....and mighty rick in JAPAN! soon  spreading the GOSPEL-O-LOOP with sunao.....and zoe and travis and mighty tim to mention just a few.....such friends!.....THANKS FOR HAVIN' ME!.....mic