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ODG: Loop Station, DD-20 or Line6 DL4?

Hello Carl!


If you still look for free mp3, playing on DD 20? I made some examples with that gear with guitar.

You can check it on adress below:


Best regards,






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In a message dated 4/20/2005 9:58:08 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, RobotFan@aol.com writes:

Okay, enough debate. I found the DD-20 at www.geartree.com  for $179 shipped and tax free.

So, I ordered it.


I'll post mp3s as  soon as get my act together with it.



Well, it's been a whole week. I checked my "Order Status" on Geartree's website and it showed as "pending".   WTF?


So, I called them up. They told me that the DD-20 is backordered (you guys glut them out or something? *g*).


I found that American Music Supply had them for the same price, no tax and "eligible for free shipping". I called them again and asked them to cancel my order.


When I got through the checkout, the total included a shipping fee. Apparently EVERY item is eligible for "free shipping" as long as you order more than $200 worth.


So, I called geartree back and got them to reinstate my order all over again.


I should get my heart's desire a week from Friday. A long time to wait. I'm very anxious to get my feet wet on this looping thing!



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