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Re: Digitech JamMan???

 >>>I'm still looking for an *inexpensive* way (i.e. under $500 if at 
all possible) to have multiple loops **of different and 
not-necessarily-related lengths** looping together in the same box. I 
know some of the more expensive units like the Repeater and the EDP can 
supposedly do this, but boy I'd sure like a cheaper option. :}<<<

Yup, and I'd like a hybrid car that'll do 200 miles to the gallon, 
that'll fit all my bass gear in the back and has satellite wifi 
installed as standard, for under $500 if at all possible. Sadly, the R 
and D on it, let alone the manufacturing cost means it'll cost a lot 
more than that. It's probably the same with looping devices.

So for now, I'm happy to pay for quality. I'd rather that than have 
people cut corners.


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