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RE: Pagey vs the Beatles RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

  Yeah homage makes more sense than spoof. I think Lennon was honorable in 
the case ,either way.Interesting thing about Berry is that he was in an 
excellent position to capitalize on the late 60s early 70s rock 
was working the college circuit and would just hire whatever local 
he found , pay 'em very little,wouldn't rehearse  assuming they'd know his 
stuff and would just launch into tunes with little warning.  The results 
were often sloppy and he got the rep of being unreliable,or worse. He 
easily have worked the stadium circuit and done really well if he'd just 
a good band and been organized.

I interpreted Lennon's opening line as an homage to Berry's "You Can't 
Me," and I thought it was bullshit for Berry to make a big deal of it.