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Re: Digitech JamMan???

> > ps - What happened.... <snip> ... And does anyone remember the
> who
> > irrationally replied to anyone's post with expletives?
> Wow... I somehow missed this episode? Nice to know I have an antithesis
> there somewhere! (You sure it wasn't that crazy Klobuchar?)
 No Miko, it was during some period when you had bailed out for a little
while. The dude's name was Miko, as I recall, because I thought it was you
and that you'd had some kind of major psychotic break (!!!) I remember
specifically ignoring him (as I try to do with any of these evil clowns 
show up from time to time) and when I replied to someone else, specifically
helping them with something or other, he simply copied my post and wrote
F%$# YOU at the end. Oh, how I long for those days!