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Fw: Digitech JamMan???

Jason (jj 179), I think others might benefit from this, so I'm posting your
e-mail to the group. (If there was the slightest bit of confidentiality in
question, gang, you KNOW I'd check this out with Mr. 179 first.)
You wrote:
> When you say "switching between any two user-defined presets", does this
> mean that you can't get the two different asynchronous loops to play on
> of each other?

I mean you CAN have two asynchronous loops playing atop each other. I bet a
search on the LD archives would clarify this further. But read on...

> As an example of what I'd like to do: record 1 loop of, say 7 seconds,
> record another loop of, say 4 seconds; then have *both playing at the 
> time* and see what happens. Basically recreate the old Brian Eno multiple
> tape machine experiments, except all in a single unit.

Yeah! That's what you can do with one DD-20! Fer instance, store memory 
1 as a 7 second delay with full feedback. Store memory slot 2 as a 4 second
delay, full feedback. Toggle to memory slot 1. Play a phrase. When you
toggle to memory slot 2, *memory slot 1 keeps playing!*  Then you play your
4 second phrase in memory slot 2, and sit back and watch the planes land.
The only problem with this scenario is, once you exit a memory slot, you
can't change it *even though you can hear it.* So in the above scenario,
once you exit the 7 second setting, you couldn't do anything to it except
turn it off by going to a third memory slot. (The DD-20 supports two memory
slots playing back at once.) What I usually do is set the feedback for 
80% so memory slot 1 slowly fades away while I work with memory slot 2. 
memory slot 1 is gone, I switch to memory slot 3. Two continues to play 
(and fades away, if I set it for 80% feedback as with memory slot 1) while 
pile up slot 3's platter. And et cetera.

As I hinted at in my earlier post, you could have two "Pan" presets and 
two *pairs* of loops going. Pan the "Pan" output hard left/hard right, and
you've got two pairs of audio going down. And buy yourself another DD-20,
be working right now...! Heh, heh, heh.)
dB, absentee coyote