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Re: Writing Someone Else's Song (was: Pagey vs the Beatles)

It's a funny world--look up the history of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"...

On 5/10/05, samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:
>   That sounds like he should have given credit. Royalties wouldn't be 
> Stuff becomes public domain eventually.Royalties used to be owed for 50
> years after an author's death-I think that's been changed due to pressure
> from Disney ,for continued rights to Mickey Mouse-all of Walt's stuff I
> guess.
> " traditional..by Decker " is a little confusing ,tradtitional usually 
> no known author,a folk song. (Writings and compositions weren't credited 
> to authorship until the Gutenberg printing press.) Either way it's surely
> public domain.