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RE: RiffBox review

I recommended something similar to this, but again with an eye toward using
the RiffBox as master rather than slave.  As in my original review, I hoped
that I could play through tempo changes and have a slaved drum machine or
sequencer keep up/slow down.  (I'm not really sure in practice whether this
could be made to sound all that musical though...)  Anyway, as to your 
concerns re: slaving RiffBox to external masters via MIDI clock etc, I 
have any personal experience in using this or any other looper for those
purposes.  I'm primarily using it as a guitar effect at this point.

If Gary at Backline should begin posting here you can bounce your questions
off of him.  One thing I've found is that he's very receptive to 
for improvements to the product - much of which can be done in firmware.  
a few cases where a hardware mod would be required we've had to just talk
about the possibility of a future Pro model, but I'm hoping that the unit
I've already invested in will only get better.

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Matthias Grob wrote:
> quantize start/end is not continuous sync
> Marc is right that the flexible way to maintain sync is with time
> stretching as the Repeater does it. But its regulating behind, even
> oscillating sometimes...
> The EDPs slight correction seems to be more acurate - as long as the
> source tempo does not change

Yes, I would prefer the equivalent of an automatic retrigger
at the Global MIDI Start Point.