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Chopitch Question (Luis)

Hi Luis,

Sorry for the late reply, your post, and the followups just
didn't reach me here (I use the digest version of the list)

Chopitch won't quite do that sound where the record slows down.

Closest you can get is by turning the slope switch to off and
use the Pitch "End" Control to drop the pitch down manually.
(suggested by Matthias)

I didn't try Per's suggestion, it's for mac only.

There's a pc freeware available that does that sound:-


The next edition of Chopitch (free upgrade) will be able to do your sound,
I have it working here already.
(what platform are you on, I can send you pc version)

Thanks for your interest,
and for those who don't know, one of the Chopitch presets
makes your beats sound like they're scratched by a dj.

andy butler