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Re: Chopitch Question (Luis)

hi Andy,
Yes I am a Bill Gates user and i finally got chopitch
to do what i wanted after an hour or so,(i am
recording a version of "Helter Skelter" for the fun of
it with a friend of mine)
but if i can do it in realtime then i am a happy guy!
(i can send you the MP3 so you can have a laugh at
Yes,please send me the PC version when you have it!

--- a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> Sorry for the late reply, your post, and the
> followups just
> didn't reach me here (I use the digest version of
> the list)
> Chopitch won't quite do that sound where the record
> slows down.
> Closest you can get is by turning the slope switch
> to off and
> use the Pitch "End" Control to drop the pitch down
> manually.
> (suggested by Matthias)
> I didn't try Per's suggestion, it's for mac only.
> There's a pc freeware available that does that
> sound:-
> http://www.kvraudio.com/get/684.html
> The next edition of Chopitch (free upgrade) will be
> able to do your sound,
> I have it working here already.
> (what platform are you on, I can send you pc
> version)
> Thanks for your interest,
> and for those who don't know, one of the Chopitch
> presets
> makes your beats sound like they're scratched by a
> dj.
> andy butler
> www.mathons.com


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