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RE: surround looping

Title: RE: surround looping

> It is also possible (at least in software) to put surround panning
> BEFORE the looper to create multi channel surround loops.  The panning
> is essentially recorded into the loop and repeats as it was recorded.

yes- could do that with my two repeaters..... a single aux send could be 4-way panned amongst the inputs.... & if part or all of the "overdub" path was routed externally & back in through the aux-send, the repeats would shift around too.

I would return all four (two stereo pairs) repeater outputs to the desk & then use the sub-mix to send one pair to the rear speakers.

a single aux would be routed through an external panning device (like pink floyd's famous stolen azimuth co-ordinator) to feed the repeater inputs.... possibly even driven by oscillators or other control voltages rather than a joystick.....

the repeaters would be sent back to themselves via the aux, while their own overdub control would be turned down to about 70%. obviously, this is with "dry-muted".

I think I might leave the office early today. :-)



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