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Re: OT: music biz article

I like this. 

Several months ago I while watching a National Geographic documentary on
the Baka people of central Africa (those people some would call Pygmies)
I was smitten by their music.  Of course, the documentary was focused on
their way of life and addressed their music only in passing, but it was
enough to pique my interest.  After a little 'net research what really
struck me was how honest and simple it was, while at the time sounding
not unlike something I'd expect to hear from Fripp & his League of
Crafty Guitarists.

My point is that I have very little in common with that Baka man playing
on a hillside in the jungles of Africa, but his music spoke to me. 
Therein lies the power of music and it is precisely that which is
missing from the 'business' of music and that which is vomitted from the
music business machine.