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Re: Akai Headrush Questions

In a message dated 5/19/2005 3:08:38 PM Central Standard Time, Brian@porterresearch.com writes:

>>>>>But it does have some serious limitations.  I know the manual isn't much help, but for looping purposes (not all the delay stuff), there really isn't much to it.

BTW ....What made it a "blem?"<<<<<

I guess it was the error in the manual!   ;)  I went back and triple checked and the manual is indeed incorrect. Wouldn't you know it: for once I take the time to read the instructions and this happens....

I could tell it had been used because the unit wasn't in "pristine" dust and fingerprint free condition and the wall wart cord was rudely wrapped around the transformer. As an aside, the majority of MF blems I've purchased have been in virtually new condition; only one item was noticeably banged up.

I remain on my "Eternal Quest For The Perfect Guitar Rig" so I'll impose further and ask you what are the limitations and is any looper better?

Or will I just start some flame war about which is best....?  ;)

BTW, thanks very much for your quick and informative reply to my original questions!