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Re: signal routing question

Title: Re: signal routing question
Easiest way would be:

- Synth to one channel of your mixer,
- Mag pickups (through preamp?) to another channel.
- use Aux Sends to route what you want to to EDP and fx combination

You’ll still hear the “dry” signal. Do you want that?

Method two:

If you want everything to go through the fx and you have something like a Mackie 1202 then you can have the EDP / fx combination being fed from the alt busses so push the mute/alt buss switch on the channel you want to go there.


Long time lurker and almost-looper here.  Still assembling the necessary
parts but just about there.

Here's my question for you all:  During a live set, for some songs I want
to route a guitar synth signal through an EDP and a variety of other
effects (frippertronics sorts of things).  But, for other songs in the
same set I want to blend the synth and guitar signal (i.e., mag pickups)
such that the signal from the mag pickups now goes through the same EDP
and effects combination, and the guitar synth signal now goes straight to
the mixing board (unaffected, as it were).  I can easily switch between
pure synth and blend of mag pickups & synth, no problem there.  But I
can't see how I can easily rearrange the pathways without pulling out
patch cables and rewiring between songs, or without spending $$$ for
something like a sound sculpture switchblade.  Seems like some kind of A/B
box might do the trick but I don't know.  Any ideas would be much


Matthew Prull