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Re: Ted's DD-20 Delay times; "beg the question";

I always thought the phrase was actually, "The
question begs the answer."  Meaning of course that a
question is phrased or asked such that it is leading
you to a given answer.  


--- Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> wrote:
> --->My other post had to do with the phrase "beg the
> question".
> It doesn't mean what a lot of people think.
> It DOES have to do with circular logic.
> Nit picking aside, thanks to all for their insight
> and information.
> Gary
> PS I am SOOO close to buying a DD-20, but I hate to
> have to sell my DL-4 to
> do it.  Cash flow a problem--but the time will come!
> G

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