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driver conflict???

For quite some time now, I've been unable to reach the
LD site (plus several other sites) from my home
computer. I've posted about it before (although not
recently); I had thought it might be a situation with
a HOSTS file, and Kim mentioned a possible BHO

Tonight I did a 'find' to see if it might be a hosts
file problem tucked away in some out-of-the-way corner
of the hard drive. What I found on page 19,992 of my
system .dat file has me baffled.

I've put an excerpt from it at the bottom of this
message; note the URL to an LD page in the middle of
it. Have any of you seen anything like this before?



    ProviderNameMicrotek International Inc.    
 DriverDate 9-14-1998        
MatchingDeviceId*smplscsiL   \ { L   ?      
     4 Behavior            W i n d o w s        

   %d)*       Item Data         
2puβ~vWuŠ 2D-x   '~T NŭtkKؤ,!U. 
žKz t+  "7W 
Gž?NTwS"ϙ/ 2
+64&qUDwobtD9._€ڳ ]3[
v6    i {     >      
     4 Behavior            W i n d o w s      
ŽX w             l Item Data       
^ƴ]6ZLϭ>ԝڱH     U Q?~b
€CfWD4"D ×sX   5 { X   

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