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     Hey all,

     Just wanted to express my appreciation on this list for the fine 
folks at Presonus.  No, I'm
not at all affiliated with them, nor do they give me free stuff.  

     I've been using their Firepod since the beginning of the year.  While 
it hasn't been trouble
free, the treatment that I recieve whenever I call them up has been the 
absolute best.  Not only
do they really take the time to listen to whatever is up, they actually 
take even more time to
explain what's going on with the unit at whatever level I'm able to 
understand.  I had a good
feeling about their product before I ever bought it, and when it's working 
right, it's a real
quiet and quality conversion unit. 

     The most recent issue of TapeOp has an interview with Jim Odom, 
founder and owner of
Presonus.  It's a great little insight into their company and business 
philosophy.  Good to know
that people are still behaving with integrity in this world of ours.


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