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Fill my rack!

Hey kids.  Let's have some fun!

Today I put my Antares AVP-1 up on ebay.  (vocal
processor/pitch corrector)  I'd purchased it because I
thought I'd like to get back into vocal pop music and
my (now ex) wife was also talking about wanting to
sing and was very timid about her voice.  I thought a
little help might give her confidence.  Anyway, I
never ended up doing pop music and the woman decided
that a man named Randal was more her style. (in the
end a very good thing for me!) So that 1 space rack
unit was collecting dust for the last year.

To bury bad memories I figure I'll use the proceeds to
get myself a new toy!  It's been a while.  My
parameters are it's got to be in the neighborhood of
$400 and take up one rackspace.  I have most of the
conventional stuff covered, what I'm looking for is
something COOL, hopefully either a unique effect or
something very tweakable for a performance.  Could go
in front of a Repeater or in the effect loop of a
Repeater.  Have at it!  FILL MY RACK!