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Re: HTML and other stuff

In a message dated 5/27/05 7:30:42 AM, psychle62@yahoo.com writes:


thanks tim.....the gist of this site is that AOL after AOL 6 removed the ability to disengage the HTML feature.....early copies of AOL 7 allowed this to be done but it seems that up-grades after a certain date also removed the "plain text" feature.....several times i have called AOL over the past two days and when i asked them how to get rid of the HTML in my mail program all of the techies seemed to skirt the issue and just told me to install the latest AOL program.....I AM AT WITS END!.....i have spent several hours on the phone waiting to speak to "larry" who sounded very much like "ali" and i could neither hear nor understand much of their "english".....to those that are upset by the HTML in my mails, i am sorry.....i am doing my best to get this worked out.....till then i will try to be as quiet as a dead man.....mic