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Re: modding EDPs for Street music?

Thank you Travis and danke, Bernhard,

owing to Bernhard´s hint I was able  to browse a little myself and found
that thread, too.

Especially interesting, because I had one such 12V to AC adaptor lying
around anyway.
Just hooked it up and it works fine.  

Still, it is not the solution I favor in terms of power consumption/
battery life. The adaptor draws approx. 1A of current from the battery,
(which is about accaptable for me) but could presumably be at least
halved if  you are able to connect the battery directly to the EDP´s


Travis Hartnett wrote:

>There's someone on the list (I think it's on this list...) who put
>together a portable rig, described in this message :
>It could be heavier and more costly than you're hoping for though.