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Re: coming up with titles

hi John,
each times i think about a good title, i write it down. could be while
reading, talking, falling asleep, watching a movie, etc. i've been doing
this for years now and i'm starting to have quite an impressive collection
- hundreds of titles :) fun. when i finish a record i browse them. they
are not always fitting but often there do. i think preoccupations one have
are somehow connected from a media to another.


> How do you do it?  I think I put way to much
> importance on this.  Sometimes something just hits you
> and that's it but most of the time I listen to a piece
> over and over and draw a blank.  And now looking at my
> titles I am not sure I am happy with any of them.
> Also updated my music recently so if anyone wants to
> check it out (and suggest titles even!) then feel
> free:
> John
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